Different buildings we would like to see.

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Different buildings we would like to see.

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Starting this Topic to see if there are other buildings that people would like to have on there layouts.
Following Doug's excellent efforts so far maybe suggestions and even designs from those suitable skilled with software could provide .
I personally would like a more modern station building - not my area but how about this one or something similar.
http://ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk/co ... n_2010.jpg picture from ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk
The reason for my thoughts are until we have good steam locomotives ( no offence to those designing them at present) why not have more modern railway structures as well I personally am not happy making card buildings to a good enough standard yet I can assemble stupid small brass models.

Suggestions by everyone welcome and hopefully enough people have similar ideas and they could then be put forward for our 3D experts.
DON'T knock it at least I am trying to do something, with only one good hand.

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