Who's doing what???

Here's the place for discussions about those 3D creations for Tguage...and lets not forget the trials and tribulations of designing and printing.
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Who's doing what???

Post by dkightley »

We had the start of a 3D printing section on the old forum. Its time we restarted it here.....

So.....who's doing what in the way of 3D printing for T gauge???

I'll start off.....

I have designed quite a lot of the components for Robins Run. The brick viaduct and large concrete bridge were printed by (I think) 3DPrintUK to my own design. All the tunnels and liners were printed by Shapeways (& are available in my shop there).

Since getting these items made, I've invested in a 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator 2) and have produced quite a lot of items: houses, cottages, platforms, a couple of outbuildings, a three track footbridge similar to the superb brass bridge available from TGauge.com. I've also produced a range of Mk 1 carriages and a Class 25 (Baby Deltic) loco shell that I had available for sale from a web site until I took it down to make way for this forum.

Now I've got Robin Run nearly complete, I may take a fresh look at the array of items I've designed...and make some available to purchase at reasonable prices to help fund the forum's future.

I use a little known 3D package by the name of 3DCrafter (available from Amabilis.com) that I've been using for many years..which I find very easy to use compared with some of the other free/budget packages. To get the right file format for the printer software ( .stl format), I export as .3DS format and then use NettFab to check and convert to .stl format. This arrangement is fine bu for the niggle that 3DCrafter errors after every time I export to .3DS format.....the export is perfect, but the program gives a script error, and then half the time exits. This isn't a problem....as I usually am finished with 3DCrafter at that point. :)

When I was using Shapeways to print items as I developed them, I found that the development of individual items was very slow and quite expensive. You create an initial design, upload it, pay for a few prints, wait around 10 days for the prints to arrive.....and then find the item is not quite right, and the cycle is repeated!! With my own printer, I can run through the complete design phase in as little as one evening, having produced two or three sample prints! Beleive me, its makes the whole process really enjoyable.

One BIG word of warning....the extrusion 3D method does have some dimensional and detail resolution limitations when compared with the processes used at Shapeways. But there are advantages...such as the PLA I use is far, far stronger than the FUD material. This makes you have to design for the printer as well as for the item you are making.
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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by Ozrail »

I'm Ozrail, your Aussie based 3D artist.
Despite being Australian, I focus more on jolly old english rolling stock.
That and the market for Aus content is very small, even in my own country!

You could say I'm a bit experimental with my works.

My first model was the 42 class Warship, choosen because it was the only locomotive class I could find that could work with the 19M motor units that didn't require extensive modifications.

After that there was talk on if 2 axle rollingstock would work, so I designed some freelanced british freight wagons to test.
I also made a Thomas (not to sale) to see if 3 axle rollingstock could also run smoothly on the tracks.
(That and I wanted to be the first to own a Thomas in Tgauge)

Not much happened after that, I did make a Flying scotsman, sadly just a push along.
And some bogey wagons and coaches.
A 25class diesel and some other push-along steam trains.

My latest is hopefully a Merchant Navy, Bulleid Pacific, minus the pacific parts, but we'll get to that some other day.
Check out my Shapeways store for T-gauge stuff.

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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by ivanf »

again mostly uk stuff... I've just received my first wagon chassis using AlanRs wheels where the wheels don't drop out... next test will have slots for couplers...

mk1 coaches are being modified to improve the fit on the adjustable chassis although if the wagon wheel tests keep working I'll try for a mk1 chassis... will also do a mk1 underframe to fill the gap under the adjustable chassis.

my Carlisle & Settle line small station just needs some paint to check it all fits together once painted... sadly that's been in the same state since october... stuck on getting the paint for the doors/window frames. It's possible to buy the exact paint used on the current buildings but it only comes in 2.5 liter pots... ( and needs a 2.5liter pot of undercoat to get the shade right... :)

I've done a canopy to go with my platforms but the supports look too fragile to be any use... might have to try brass for them...

Have just got hold of a set of Z gauge Class 08 wheels in brass... pretty impressed... my plans for a T-gauge class 08 have been doubled in size to try a Z gauge mechanism... latest test actually worked and turned all the wheels... small issue with one of the gears pinging out... but hoping the brass wheels will let me sort out power pickup... plan is to try out a mechanism in T once I've actually done something that works.

I've done my first Zm french meter gauge railcar... I've done a chassis extender for it that might be useful in T... take the non driving bogie off and attach to the chassis adapter and you've got any length of chassis you need... that's longer than the 16m chasis that is... couple of tweaks to reduce the tension on the bogie and it should be sorted. I've done quite a few Nm railcars so I'll be resising a few of them down to Zm. ( There are at least 2 people in the world interested in Zm other than myself... :)

Zm should give me plenty of room to try out a drive mechanism for T with a bit more room than is available in T.

Latest test prints of a GWR Railcar, Post Van and Twin Car set to fit gen 2 mechanisms work which is nice. So they'll be out soon.

I'm working on an underfame plugin for the 16m chassis to fill the void under my class 24, I've done a late 24/early 25 and a class 35 Hymek which will be out soon too, once I've got the size of the underframes right... they need to be a bit longer than scale to look right so more tweaking...

This (long) weekend I've finished off TSL and DMCL to go with my new Class 108 DMBS for 19m chassis + adjustable chassis so another round of test prints and they'll be out.

My plans are mostly do do some wagons using the new wheels and buildings once I've sorted out the window frame paint colour issue.

And get my turntable working... and ideally have something that needs turning.... :)

I want to get my printed point/turnout working... using standard flextrack rails and 2mm brass strip for the flippers...

might even start a small layout... :)

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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by mattd10 »

Its been a littlrw while now since doing any 3D modelling as my new job and imminent house move are taking up a lot of time, however I have drawn a fair few english DMU/EMUs.
I have a class 165, 158, 220/221, 444, 350/450 as well as a class 91 and 86.
My technique isnt to go for spot on accuracy, but to play with the dimensions slightly to fit the available mechanisms. For example, I think the class 91 is about 1/2mm longer than it should be (but you would never know!). Unfortunately with the lack of a 20m mech it means a lot of prototypes are not possible (including the 350/450 that ive drawn) I'm considering shortening them to use a 19m mech but im unsure how it would look.
For me the main stalling point is finishing them. For the multiple units painting isn't really an option (for me anyway) so ive been looking into making full side decals but unfortunately keep stalling. My hope is that when ny layout is approaching completion I'll want something to run on it so will have to get a move on!

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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by jesse6669 »

I created an assortment of US, British, and Australian prototype rolling stock and detail parts, some are on Shapeways or were at one time; I still have the STL models. At one point I had hopes of creating a bona-fide commercial line-up, perhaps turning into cast resin or injection moulded models, making brass detail parts, but the market just does not exist to justify it, and frankly my regular (non model) business has been taking more time than previously. The list includes:

US (and *Aussie):
F3A & B,
F7A & B,
E8/9A & B
*85' corrugated coach
*85' corrugated observation car
*85' smooth-side coach
Bombardier Bi-level coach
40' AAR Boxcar
50' outside braced boxcar w. 3 door types
50' 3-bay ribbed hopper
33' 2-bay ribbed hopper
NE caboose
Blomberg sideframes
E-unit sideframes
*S-class sideframes
Bettendorf sideframes
*Barber Roller bearing sideframes
*Knuckle coupler (brass)
*Plate girder bridge kit (1 or 2 track)

Class 55/Deltic
Class 67
Class 66
HTA hopper
Deltic sideframes
Class 66 sideframes (EMD HTC-Radial)

The goal was to cast these shells in resin or injection mould. As for the details--use the sideframes and make bogies of brass or tougher nylon/plastic, incorporating the T-gauge UK wheelsets. Still experimenting with the knuckle coupler, I envisioned casting it in a resilient rubber/plastic that could "snap" together or apart easily. I'd like to get a pad printer to do some paint schemes directly on the shells as opposed to decals. If I win the lottery, you can count on a few of these things happening! :lol: Anyone game for building these into a more "finished" commercial lineup, feel free to contact me by PM.


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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by ConnorL »

I have the same dream as you Jesse! I wished that I could have my model injection moulded, but the cost is just too high.

I'm still currently working on my SD70M train along with DTTX Double Stack Well Cars which should come nicely together.

I am also working on a Santa Fe 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive, but it is being delayed because it's just too complex right now. (Rather finish the SD70M first)

I am planning on making the SD70M powered that is capable of pulling cars, the progress is coming slowly since the gearbox is very sensitive.

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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by Alex »

I'm still wanting to try and do a class 73, Just finding time.

Got very close to ordering a Form1 3D printer but wasn't sure how much duty I'd have to pay on top to ship to the UK (Keep hoping there'll be an importer).

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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by hhearle »

People might remember me for the rather pointless static model of the A4...

I've taken a slight departure from my usual steam creations recently and have started work on some more modern things such as EMUs - namely class 380, but also a class 20, a 37, a 334 Juniper and whatever this is... simply because it looks a bit different and it ran through Paisley Gilmour Street now and again (my planned future layout once I have time and money available)
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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by hhearle »

And of course the Glasgow subway's "Clockwork Orange"
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Re: Who's doing what???

Post by NeilM »

I like the sound of the 20 and 37 - for my UK outline layout (nothing but a plan as yet I am afraid) I am aiming for a BR green diesels era. I would like to model the steam era, but until the technology (or at least the comercial chassis that are available) catches up diesels it will have to be.

For my US outline layout (again,just a plan at the moment.......) I have intentions to try design some rolling stock and get it printed at Shapways. Will let you all know how it goes - but as always, please do not hold your breath!

T gauge items in my Shapeways shop http://www.shapeways.com/shops/t450

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