2015 catalog is out

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2015 catalog is out

Post by Ozrail »

Eishindo has released the 2015 Catalog. (bit late in my opinion since we are 3/4 through the year now)
Anyway https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxWqzG ... sp=sharing

Got a few new items, reintro of the 103 class passenger trains in the old colours.
New House.
And electric lamp posts, but they are designed for N-gauge/HO-Gauge.

No word of the Steamer, or the new switches.
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Re: 2015 catalog is out

Post by mattd10 »

Always like seeing the catalogue! But sadly, if this didn't have 2015 on the cover I would have thought it was several years old! As you say, the new points are nowhere to be seen. Also the garden railway set has made an appearance again despite being long out of production!

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Re: 2015 catalog is out

Post by dkightley »

Matt's comment takes us full circle back to this thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=214
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Re: 2015 catalog is out

Post by Reith01 »

It's slightly reminiscent of Z gauge, so I learn in a chat recently. Apparently started in 1972 with a little 0-6-0, it was several years before the 4-6-2 came out with a few coaches. It appears to have come of age in America 40+ years down the line!

Admittedly they offered more points and (probably as a gesture of Germanic production engineering) a double slip but the track catalogue hasn't changed since about 1975 I'm told.

Z gauge has moved on though, maybe through Marklin's policy of manufacturing rarities for collectors. I don't know. Maybe it's appealed to people underwhelmed by an HO set 4' by 6'.

I hoped/hope it will be the same with this scale (but faster). At least it gives people strapped for space a chance to make up a model railway. Hence having a go myself.

There's at least one train in the catalogue I'll take out a mortgage for, when it appears.

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Re: 2015 catalog is out

Post by JBModels »

Hi Ozrail,

Thanks for taking the time to post that. A real pity that nothing new has come out really. What I'd really want to see is a Siemens Velaro D. Not only can this be used for one of the versions of the DB ICE but can also be used for the Eurostar e320.

This is just a simple way to be able to model both a German and British train that will also be running on French and Scandanavia tracks. Hope someone can do that one day.

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LOL! Some people need a to think logically, or rather just have common sense!

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