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Some days ago I posted a few questions on the facebook page and received the replies today. So I will share it here in case it's of use to someone.

Q) Noticed that a prototype coupling was done a few months ago that resembled the OO gauge tension lock couplings. When is that going to be available? Is it ready?
A)Some adjustments required but should be quite straight forward.

Q) Also noticed that you'll are working on driving wheels with the motion gear for steam locos. Any progress on that?
A) Taken delivery of the magnetic rings (tyres) and the blackened bronze wheels - we'll work on the other parts of the wheel and release these as a 'Spare' item for anyone to use, test, admire etc.

Q) Any advancements or news on the motorized Co-Co chassis?
A) An updated version is on its way to us right now with 3d printed bogies.

Q) Any advancements on the T-gauge L/H and R/H turnouts?
A) No update here for the moment.

Q) Are you'll willing to release the ICE model in the Eurostar e320 livery? They look similar.
A) Good idea, we'll put this to Eishindo.

Q) Are you'll actually doing/selling the 5-plank wagon etches? Seem to have been posted in 2013 but nothing since then.
A) We like the detail that can be acheived in etch, so we'll do something here

So I hope this of some help to a few, some questions I asked out of personal interest, but may interest others.

LOL! Some people need a to think logically, or rather just have common sense!

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